Gisborne furniture Removals

Although all care has been taken in compiling our checklist,
we do not accept any liability for the correctness and completeness of this information.

5 - 4 weeks before moving:

  • Ring us and book a storage unit for your household items
  • Arrange a furniture removal company or hire of a truck or trailer.
  • Contact your current insurance company and organise the transfer or modification of policies.
    If renting, give your landlord written notice.
  • All the items you do not want to move sell at a garage sale, give away to charity, or throw out what needs to be thrown out. In this context pay attention also to any inflammables such as paint, turpentine, and the like as these are not allowed to be stored and/or transported by moving companies.
  • Now is the time to start your packing. Items that aren't used often (e.g. stored in your garage / at the back of cupboard) should be the first to be packed.
  • Identify contents of each box and state the location where it is to go (kitchen, master bedroom, office, garage). Store packed boxes accordingly to make sorting out and loading on moving day easy.
  • Set a date for your garage sale and arrange necessary advertisements and announcements for this garage sale with the papers.

Notify change of address:

  • Newspapers, magazines, clubs and associations
  • Banks
  • Doctors
  • Department of Transport (Driver's Licence)
  • Start to use up your frozen food from the deep freezer and try not to add any more.

4 - 3 weeks before moving:

  • Arrange to have your lawnmower, weed eater etc. serviced for moving in order to avoid any damage due to possible leakage and/or fire during the move.
  • Have any oil or fuel drained (pay attention to the rules and requirements of the self storage company and the moving company).
  • Plan your actions for moving day. If travel is involved, prepare travel route, stops, accommodation, etc, and make bookings accordingly.
  • Confirm your moving schedule with real estate agent/landlord/vendor/lawyer. Arrange interim housing if necessary.

3 - 2 weeks before moving:

  • Ensure all relatives and friends have been notified of your new address.
  • Have your mail forwarded to new address from the post office from moving day onwards.
  • Make plans for spending your last night - where you will stay, whether and how you will celebrate/say your last good-byes, etc.

2 - 1 weeks before moving:

  • Collect all your items from the dry-cleaners, take back your books to the library, give borrowed items back to their owners (neighbours, friends, relatives...).
  • Settle any outstanding bills.
  • If appropriate, transfer or close your current bank accounts.
  • Make sure your rubbish is collected before you are...
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