Where can I Drop off old furniture?

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Urban Ore accepts drop offs everyday until 5pm.

We have separate receiving departments for the General Store and Building Materials. There are two separate entrances for each department.

  • The General Store receiving department can be accessed via Folger street on the backside of the property.
  • The Building Materials receiving department can be reached via the Murray street entrance and then continuing through the parking lot.




General Store Receiving – Furniture, Kitchen Items, Electronics, etc…

Things we receive should be reusable as-is, and able to survive in our retail environment long enough for us to find a new home.

We accept many things other places turn away, and so we are presented at times with more volume than we can handle. Therefore we may turn away some things that either we can’t sell quickly, or at least trade for enough value to pay our handling and space costs.

General Store receiving is most likely to pay cash or trade credit for good furniture in excellent condition, or antiques.

Appliances, stoves

  • We accept old gas stoves and some small kitchen appliances if they are complete and working.
  • If you have a rusted or broken stove, check with receiving staff first but plan on driving to the back parking lot for unloading.
  • Clean and newer dishwashers and washer/dryer sets are usually welcome.
  • We can also accept metal appliances for dismantling into scrap, but we may charge a recycling fee.
  • A more complete list of appliance types and scrapping fees can be found in the recycling section (link)
  • For wooden stoves, see .


We accept:

  • prints
  • paintings
  • musical instruments including pianos
  • art materials
  • sculptures
  • music
  • frames
  • books, and more.


We cannot accept mattresses, box springs, or bedding. State law requires they be sanitized, and there are no adequate facilities in the Bay Area.

The City of Berkeley accepts mattresses and box springs for disassemble and recycling at its transfer facility at Second and Gilman.

Blinds Shades

We will generally accept blinds and shades if they are complete and neatly rolled and tied.

Blinds requiring headers must have them attached.

We can recycle metal blinds.


Small quantities are best. We sell some of the clothing we receive, but most is passed on to Salvation Army or Goodwill.

We cannot accept underwear or children’s clothing.

File Cabinets

Drawers must be empty. If metal cabinets don’t sell or are damaged, we recycle them.


We accept many kinds of furniture such as:

  • desks
  • chairs
  • tables
  • dressers
  • shelving
  • entertainment centers.

Solid wood furniture is preferred, and may be scuffed so long as it is structurally sound. Dented and bent metal furniture will likely be recycled.

  • Furniture must be fully assembled with no missing pieces.
  • Drawers should be empty.
  • Office chairs must be in excellent condition.
  • Upholstery should be unstained without tears.
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