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Thinking About Donating Old Furniture? You Might Be In For An

The other day I got an email from one our readers who is actually in the process of moving to a new house.

And like most people she has some used furniture she’d love to sell before the big move so she can avoid hauling them to the new house, and get some cash to go towards the purchase of new furniture. She has a few couches, a sofa, a few chairs, a kitchen table, and 2 recliners.

She wanted to know “what is the best way/place to sell my gently used furniture?”

So I did some research and found a few good websites where anyone can buy and sell second hand furniture.

Interested buyer would respond via AptDeco website.

The offer stays good for 24 hours only (beyond that the offer becomes void).

If a deal is struck, the commission due to AptDeco is around 14%-19%, often subject to the transacted price.

Notice that the company alone would handle the movement of furniture, from pick up to final delivery to buyer, so that saves you hassle.

AptDeco is also responsible to collect payment direct from buyer, and the portion due to you is often remitted to you account within 2 days.

4. Chairish

More than just your regular marketplace, Chairish stands out because of its theme.

Sellers still post pictures and they often take care that they furnish a story associated with individual piece of furniture.

The curators would examine the item/story-line and upon approval, the proceed is going to be split 80-20 between seller and Charish.

Also all transportation is arranged by Chairish.

The website allows for 48 hours cooling off period so buyer can cancel the deal if it does not look right.

5. Lushpad

This online marketplace focuses on authentic furniture that has a contemporary feel to it.

They encourage licensed shop owners/individuals to display their ware at their site.

6. Krrb

Krrb (pronounced “curb”) calls itself a “hyperlocal” marketplace.

Essentially, it allows you to buy and sell used furniture locally.

Posting is easy via the regular website or through their app.

To add to its appeal, the website also aggregates other product listings found on 3rd party websites such as eBay and Etsy.

There is no commission to pay, but they do require “credits” to get your stuff listed here. You may buy these credits.

Alternatively you can earn “credits” when you complete your personal profile, do shopping here, or simply social sharing.

7. Furnishly

They focus on semi-curated items and there is provision in which buyers can request direct shipment from sellers if so desired.

Still, Furnishly provides the intermediate platform to take care of the commercial part of the deals. It is restricted to registered users only.

For sellers, they would be led through a series of forms to submit their listing, with the objective to make it as appealing as possible.

The curating team behind Furnishly would then evaluate the suitability of individual submission. Good thing that the whole approval process takes less than an hour, so you know if your furniture is good for listing there pretty quickly.

8. FleaPop

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